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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some convincing? Say no more.

What is boba?

Boba was born out of a frustration with other CSS design frameworks and seeks to create a balance between both minimalism and completeness. In fact, as a testament to goal, our entire website, including our documentation, is built entirely using boba's built-in classes.

It's also a delicious drink. Highly recommend.

Is boba for you?

Be it a small project or production-scale website, boba has all of the components and utilities that you need to get started quickly and efficiently. As a CSS-only framework, boba requires no JavaScript and is thus the perfect way to quickly enhance the design language of any application.

If you've used any other CSS framework before, you'll feel right at home with our syntax and markup. So fear not and get building with boba today.

Long story short, of course it is!

Another CSS Framework?

We know, but hear us out.

Most frameworks these days are either filled to the brim with content and features to the point where they feel bloated and overwhelming or are stripped down to be as minimalistic as possible to the point where you'd be better off just writing your own simple stylesheet.

We're not trying to be the most lightweight or the most feature-rich, but rather aim to bridge that gap in the middle. Whether you just want the scaffolding without any colors, the whole package with helpers galore, or something somewhere in between, we offer three flavors of boba so that you can build with whichever works best for you. And don't worry, you can always build your own custom version from our source files as well.


Learn more about the three flavors of boba available.

boba-lite (~10 KB gzip)

The most basic version of boba.

Components do not have colored variations and no color utilities are included.

This version lets you use boba without the added bloat of our colors and color-helpers.

boba (~22 KB gzip)

The original version of boba.

Components have color variations and basic color utilities are included.

This version lets you use boba with our color palette as we envisioned it.

boba-extended (~27 KB gzip)

The most complete version of boba.

Components have color variations and all color utilities are included.

This version provides the most built-in flexibility when using boba's color palette.

Brewed with ♥ in California by Jason and Andrew.